Author: Drew Ndengabaganizi

Sell Out to Your Creativity A Profile on Defining Skin Tattoo Shop

Defining Skin from Drew Ndengabaganizi on Vimeo. Last week I was lucky enough to sit down with Mike, Mat and Mary Ann from Defining Skin tattoo shop here in Columbus Ohio and we sat and talked about their journey as creative entrepreneurs in the Greater Columbus area.

Greater Lansing Transition Part 2

The greater Lansing area is a place that is caught between two identities. On one side it has a strong and entrenched blue collar culture. A town that is striving to have its residents live the American dream reminiscent of the 1950’s and 60’s. Driving through the green landscape you can see the iconic Quality Diary shops every few miles, constantly pulling our minds back to Lansing’s local small town roots. Signs of former manufacturing and industrial success can be seen across the landscape. Empty factories ounce formerly filled with Lansing residence hard at work on the next General Motors creation, are now emptied by the changing economic climate.

Greater Lansing Transition Part 4

The two cultures of Lansing has caused a cultural clash between the traditional industrial minds of the past and the creative minds of now. Lansing has every tool to become a creative thriving city that can move into the future but first it must figure out how to form a new identity that does not exclude certain groups of the population. While taking advantage of all the young educated minds that fill the area.