Greater Lansing Transition Part 4

The two cultures of Lansing has caused a cultural clash between the traditional industrial minds of the past and the creative minds of now. Lansing has every tool to become a creative thriving city that can move into the future but first it must figure out how to form a new identity that does not exclude certain groups of the population. While taking advantage of all the young educated minds that fill the area.

In today’s current economic climate globalization has given businesses more opportunities to expand beyond US borders.

Creative economies are composed of a few interrelated principles. The first is the creation of abstract products. These products are highly personalized and are often intangible. It is not the quantity or the uniformity of the product its the personal connection it creates with the user that counts. Many new age products like Facebook, or Twitter are not even tangible products you can touch. They simply allow people to connect with each other and show there individuality.

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