Greater Lansing Transition Part 3

The separation between the Lansing and East Lansing residents that once worked to give traditional families and the student populations there own space, has caused a divide that has destroyed any connection young college students have with the area as a whole. This being a huge problem seeing as Michigan was one of the only states last year with a negative population. This being largely due to young college educated adults choosing to go elsewhere with there talents.

However Lansing also has a burgeoning creative economy that has picked up speed over the past few years. Led by Old town and Rio town Lansing is increasingly developing a vibrant cultural identity. When traveling through these creative hubs you automatically can feel the positive upbeat energy and a new sense of hope. There is always some event or function going on that allows the community to interact and grow closer together while spending money locally and supporting there community businesses. According to a website dedicated to the current business climate of the Lansing area ,technology companies like NioWave, Dewpoint, and NuWave technology partners have shown tremendous growth over the last few years. All three companies being recognized as top 50 small businesses to look out for in Michigan. With Michigan State, Cooley Law School, and LCC, there is a constant supply of young creative minds looking for new opportunities as they step out into the world.

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